Language Focus : Emails Part 1

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Emails Part 1

You can start like this:

Dear Mr Williams,
Dear Sir, (never Dear Mr!!)
Dear Madam,
Hello……./Good Morning ……(Close contact)

Opening :

  • Thanks/Thank you for you:

Message/letter of 10th April/ order reference 125/email/call

  • I am writing to:

Enquire about your price/enquire about delivery/ To apologise for / confirm/
ask for information about / remind you about / reply to your question/
check the following details

  • With reference to your:

E-mail dated 15th May, 2010 / Fax dated 14/06/2010


Could you please:
Send us the data/ send us the price list/ send us the details


I would be very happy to ……
We would be delighted to …..


I’m afraid that we cannot ……
I’m sorry to say that it is impossible to…..
Unfortunately we are unable to……


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