Language Focus : There is – There are

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There is / There are

C’est la forme la plus employée en anglais pour désigner une personne, un objet.

THERE IS” est suivi :

  • d’un nom singulier,
  •  d’un nom dénombrable.

THERE ARE” est suivi :

  • d’un nom pluriel,
  • d’un nom dénombrable.

The most common way to indicate objects or persons in English is with:


THERE IS” is used:

For singular nouns:

  • There is a dog in my house.

For uncountable nouns:

  • There is some money in my account.

“THERE ARE” is used:

For plural nouns:

  • There are 15 teachers in my school.

For countable nouns:

  • There are many good players in the school team.



La forme négative et interrogative de “SOME” est “ANY” ; on l’emploie souvent avec “THERE IS” et “THERE ARE”.

Remember the negative and interrogative forms of “SOME” are “ANY”; they are both used very often with “THERE IS” and “THERE ARE”.


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